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Reiki and Riding

Norm trotReiki can help you to be in the moment with your horse, gaining a closer relationship developing harmony and trust between you. It can help you to become more aware of small changes in yourself which may affect your horse through his training and care. Reiki can give you a sense of great calm, condusive with gaining connection, confidence, and communication with your equine partner, whether working on the ground or from the saddle.

I have always had a close affinity with all animals, especially horses, for as long as I can remember, but only recently have I had the courage to acknowledge that I have inherited this skill, which has led me along this path, helping others.

Grandma HAs a dressage rider and trainer (Claire Lilley) for most of my life, I have always been able to ‘tune in’ to riders and their horses to help to pin-point issues affecting their progress and I have developed this ability and qualified as a reiki practitioner, following the path of my grandmother, who was renoun for her skills as a healer of both people and animals, travelling all over the world, which was a mean feat in her generation.

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Riding lessons with a difference

As well as a ‘normal’ riding lesson, I can help you with other aspects, which can improve your relationship with your horse and your riding technique:

Improve your posture and suppleness on the ground with simple exercises and stretching. Many riders have stiffness or crookedness often stemming from old injuries, and attending to these issues will improve posture and physical balance. A crooked rider will affect the straightness and way of going of the horse.

Reiki treatment will balance your energy centres, and create harmony between your mind and body. This can improve your ability to be ‘in the moment’ with your horse as you work with him either on the ground or in the saddle, and help your awareness of what aids your horse needs, which are essential to understanding your horse, and for him to understand you.

Being in the right frame of mind is essential to training horses. Riding can be an emotional rollercoaster, and you may want to talk about issues affecting your progress. Emotional ‘baggage’ can hinder clear thinking. You may recognize this as what I call the ‘What if?’ syndrome- for example, What if I fall off?’ ‘What if my horse gallops off?’

As a counselling student, in my fourth level of training, I can give you time to talk if it helps you.You may need to talk after a lesson or reiki session, so I am happy to do this, and be a ‘listening ear’.

Anything you say is confidential, unless I am legally required to disclose information. You may wish to seek further professional help, in which case we can plan the best way forwards for you.

Reiki for Horses

I can treat both you and your horse. Your horse must feel at ease and in their normal surroundings and routine as much as possible in order to get the most from the treatment. A session will leave them feeling very relaxed and some horses take a nap soon after as part of the healing process.

A Reiki session can be anything up to an hour as the horse dictates when he/she has had enough by moving away. Some horses, like some people, take up and use the healing energy a lot more effectively than others.

What does Reiki do ?

IMG_0351In respect of both you and your horse, Reiki can help to:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Promote self-healing
  • Balance mind, body and soul
  • Promote relaxation
  • Reduce behavioural problems
  • Release blocked energy

Contact me to discuss your personal needs and we can plan a session especially for you.

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