reiki hand chakra coloursWhat is Reiki?

There is an ancient belief in traditional Chinese Medicine that all physical bodies have a life force or “chi” that flows around us along energy paths called meridians, with centres of energy at various points called chakras.

For the body to heal itself, it needs to be in balance. Reiki puts positive energy into the body. Each energy point, or chakra, is responsible for certain body areas of the body and can also be linked to certain emotions. Sometimes, due to emotional upset or physical trauma, chakras become blocked or sluggish and the flow of energy cannot get through. Reiki rebalances these energy fields and restores the body’s self-healing attributes.

Reiki ( Universal life force energy) is an ancient technique, re-discovered by Dr Mikao Usui a Japanese theologian, in the 19th century. It is used to provide that extra boost for the body, promoting the flow of energy helping the body heal itself naturally.

During a treatment, I will channel this energy through my hands and use it to rebalance the chakras, or centres of energy.