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As a dressage rider and horse trainer, I find Reiki gets me in the right frame of mind for working with my horses. I am a qualified Reiki practitioner under my married name, Claire Ballardie.

Mindfulness, and being ‘in the moment’ is essential to really be in tune with your horse. Focusing on breathing, and listening to sounds around you, and being aware of things happening right now, and not ‘what if’ this or that happens. Horses will pick up any anxiety from the rider, and become anxious themselves.

IMG_0351Reiki can pin-point areas of tension in my horse’s body, and my own. A recent reiki treatment with one of my horses highlighted tenderness around the elbow area. I consequently used a longer girth with the buckles away from this point, and Hey Presto! I have a free-moving horse who is very happy in his work. A simple solution, just by being very aware of my horse’s reactions.

Claire Lilley